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Kerry Katona plans to become a life coach

PTI | London |

Singer Kerry Katona says she is planning to become a life coach.

The Atomic Kitten singer says overcoming her own troubled past makes her a great person to help others deal with their “traumas”, reported Femalefirst.

Katona battled bipolar disorder and had a turbulent childhood that saw her spending long periods in care, and being declared bankrupt.

“I started reading a lot of books by life coach Tony Robbins. All about your goals and aims and what you want to change in your life. So, I got in touch with Emma (Cross, life coach). Now I would maybe like to help her turn other people's lives around.

“It's good to talk to somebody who I can ask questions and get feedback from. She's helped me and maybe I want to go down that route myself at some point,” she says.