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Dhvani Bhanushali pays tribute Whitney Houston

SNS | New Delhi |

YouTube sensation Dhvani Bhanushali, who has now become Bollywood’s youngest female playback singer, has come out with her own version of Whitney Houston’s all-time hit song, I will always love you, as a tribute to her.

After her carpool mashup of Gulabi Aankhein and Shape of You, and several other mesmerising performances of Ishtehaar (her debut Bollywood song), Bhanushali has launched her first solo music video with a reprised version of Whitney Houston’s global hit.

Bhanushali released the song on her YouTube channel, which has been shot beautifully across Mumbai. The song is reprised by Gaurav Chatterji and directed by Anjali Bhushan.

A source close to the video production of the song shared that it took three hours to actually light up the thousand diyas featured in the video.

Dhvani, who considers legendary singer Whitney Houston as one of her inspirations, says, “I have sung several Hindi songs and when I decided to make a music video, I chose ‘I will always love you’ as its one of my idol’s beautiful song.”

This music video is a prayer by a young girl for her family as she steps out of her comfort zone into the world as an independent young woman.

Speaking on the video, Dhvani says, “Anjali came up with a beautiful concept. As in life, we must release all past baggage to move on the path of self-growth.”

Dhvani is currently pursuing her graduation and uses all her spare time to practise singing. The young singer has been singing all genres from rock to pop to classic to Hindi film music.

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