Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor visited the City of Joy recently to promote their just-released film, Half Girlfriend. This marks the second time that Arjun is starring in a film adaptation of a Chetan Bhagat book, the previous being 2 States. When asked about the difference he found between a normal film and a book adaptation, the 30-year-old-actor said, “You have to make a film for the people who have read the book and for the people who have not. It's not so different in terms of execution but you must respect the people who have read the book. You have to perform in a way that is universally accepted.”

Speaking of the concept of a “half girlfriend”, Arjun said, “Half girlfriend is about an emotional situation where you cannot admit that you are in a relationship with the person but it is more than friendship. Having a half girlfriend is unfortunate as you can't be with the person you love.”

Shraddha was asked about her feelings on playing the role of female lead. She said, “It's a great feeling to be Riya Somnai. Also I feel very proud that our picture is on the cover page of the book because how often do you see yourself on the cover of a book?

“Riya comes from a wealthy family and she is very popular in school. It seems like she is living a perfect life but in actuality she is scared of falling in love because of a personal crisis. Madhav comes into her life and brings simplicity and that simplicity is everything that matters for Riya. This is where I connect with the role”.

Talking about the memes and spoofs of Half Girlfriend that are flooding social media, Arjun said, “Our trailer happened to be so powerful that it needed a spoof immediately. They are using us to have fun but they actually helped us to promote our film!”

Arjun also waxed eloquent about coming back to Kolkata. He said, “It’s an amazing thing because the city has given me so much warmth and happiness. Whenever I come here, I always recollect my character Bala from Gunday.”