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Liam Gallagher still takes drugs

IANS | London |

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, who had last year blamed drug consumption for troubles in his personal life, says he is still taking substances.

Gallagher, 45, has said doesn’t indulge in them as much as he would like to. The revelation emerged when Gallagher said he would be a hypocrite if he tried to stop his children — Lennon, 18, Molly, 20, Gene, 16, and Gemma, 4 — from experimenting, reports

“So when they come and do drugs, I can’t say, ‘don’t do drugs’. With girls and kids and women and ******* divorces and all that ****, and getting into scraps and not speaking to your brother, when I turn around to my two boys I go ‘You two, stop arguing and get on with each other’, they turn around and go ‘oh **** off, look how you speak to your brother’,” he said.

The musician said he had big plans to “go in hard” on a drug-fuelled binge when he can take time off from singing.

In August last year, he had told the Daily Star: “I’ve made some howlers in my personal life, I’ve had a couple of marriages and hurt my kids and that. So personally, my advice would be don’t take too many drugs and don’t drink too much alcohol. You should stop that because that gets you in situations.”