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Kriti Kharbanda hopes to work with Dulquer again

IANS | New Delhi |


After her much appreciated cameo in Akarsh Khurana’s latest directorial Karwaan with Dulquer Salmaan that left many wanting for more, actress Kriti Kharbanda hopes she gets to share screen space with the Kali star again.

“I have been a big fan of Dulquer. I have watched a lot of his films…’O Kadhal Kanmani’ being my favourite. I am hoping that considering ‘Karwaan’ was appreciated and people liked both of us together…

“I messaged DQ (Dulquer) the other day saying that ‘Listen, we need to work together again’. He said ‘It goes without saying’. I am really hoping that works out for us, but I appreciate the opportunity and I am glad that it did well,” Kriti said.

Kriti played Avinash’s (Dulquer) former girlfriend in Karwaan.

“That character was written so that people would want more. The whole idea was to have a longing that ‘She should have been with Dulquer’, and you are feeling that way.

“Had it been slightly longer, then probably people would have thought ‘It’s fine’. They would have accepted it. The longer you experience a scene, you tend to accept what’s going on. The idea was to not let people accept what’s happened…show her with her husband.

“You feel a certain weight that it would have been nice had they been together. I am overwhelmed because it was a cameo, but the way people have talked about it and the number of compliments that I have received for it, is unbelievable.”

She believes in letting others appreciate her role rather than bragging about it.

“When people ask me about a particular film, I say what is to the point. Saying that it is a cameo and that it’s very interesting and you will love it… these are not the things that I should say.

“Ideally as an actor, we all crave attention, appreciation and to be recognised. What’s the point of doing it yourself? It needs to come from someone else and when that happens, I enjoy that moment,” said the “Raaz: Reboot” actress.

Kriti is now looking forward to the release of her film “Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se”, starring Dharmendra and his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol.

“I play an ENT specialist. I am an allopathy doctor who also believes that she should explore medicine more when she finds out about Sunny Sir’s character who is an ayurvedic doctor. The whole idea is to be able to learn from him and that’s how I meet him and Bobby and Dharam Sir and the story goes forward from there,” she shared.

Initially, she was apprehensive about taking it up.

“As much as I was thrilled about the opportunity of being able to work with the Deols, I was a little apprehensive. I wondered maybe I am around just to sing and dance,” she said.

When she got the approval to be part of the action comedy film, she made one request.

“I said that I want only one thing from you all. I think I deserve to hear the script before I sign on the dotted line. I am not saying that I won’t do it. I will do it even if it’s a small role, but the thing is that I want to get into it knowing what I am doing so that I am mentally prepared.

“And Sunny Sir was supportive of it and said of course, she is an actor and has every right to know what she is doing. They sent across the script to me and gave me a narration.”

For her, it’s not about the length of the character.

“It’s not like how long you are on the screen. ‘Karwaan’ being the biggest the example. I may have had a five-minute role, but I know the appreciation that I got was a lot more than a five-minute role deserved probably. So, it’s not about the length, but about what you bring to the table, how much your character brings to the table.

“There’s a lot that this character brings to the table which is why I am confident that people will not be disappointed.”