Actress Jane Danson says she had a tough time dealing with the fame she received after joining Coronation Street 20 years ago.

The 38-year-old actress, who starred as Leanne Battersby in the show, says her overnight fame left her unwilling to go

out, reported Daily Mirror.

"I couldn't cope with it. I had this amazing job, and by 19 had my own little house, but I just sat inside. I'd be scared of someone throwing a drink in my face. Coping with the attention¬ was terrifying.

"So I just sort of stayed at home, ate biscuits and put on a stone. It was good in one sense. You are young and earning money, there are parties, drink and other things. So my relationship with my barrel of biscuits was pretty okay!" Danson says.

The actress says her husband, former Emmerdale star Robert Beck, helped her to learn to deal with her fame.

"He had been there and done it and said it would be okay. We have been through good times and some really upsetting times. We wrote our own wedding vows and one was to go off and do our own things which is important."