Al Jean, executive producer of “The Simpsons”, says Chris and Liam Hemsworth turned down cameos on the show.

In an interview to News Corp, the 57-year-old also said that actor Hugh Jackman also refused to do the show, reports

“We tried to get the Hemsworth brothers but they passed. We wrote a part for them, but they said no,” Jean said.

His comments came after he was asked if “The Simpsons” would ever feature another Australian-themed episode.

Jean also said that he appreciates the Australian fan base. In 1995, the show ran an episode titled ‘Bart vs. Australia’ which saw the family travel to Australia.

Some stars, who have made cameos on the show include Sting, Jay Leno, Kim Basinger and Elton John.

Chris is known for playing Thor, while brother Liam is known for “The Hunger Games”. Their brother Luke is known for “Neighbours” and the TV series “Westworld”.