Actor Varun Sharma, known for his comic outings in films like Fukrey and Dilwale, reveals he was offered daily soaps in the past, something he politely turned down. 

Varun says while he is open to doing TV shows, he is not keen on featuring on the run-of-the-mill soaps and reality series. 

"I was offered daily soaps in the past but that was something I did not want to take up. There were a few reality shows also which were offered but I was not excited and keen on doing that right now. My focus is more on films today," the actor said. 

"I have always been wanting to do TV as it is a huge medium and in India we are making such amazing shows. I am open to doing TV but it will be very selective. I would not be very comfortable doing the regular thing which we see on TV." 

The actor, who made his film debut in 2013 with "Fukrey" will be seen on the Indian version of the Canadian adventure-reality show Ice Road Truckers- India’s Deadliest roads. 

Varun will be seen driving a truck on tough terrain from Manali to Turtuk, one of the gateways to the Siachen Glacier. 

The 26-year-old actor was offered the show while he was shooting for Sushant Singh Rajput-starrer "Raabta" in Budapest and the first thought, which came to his mind, was if his mother would allow him to be part of a show like this. 

Varun came on board for the show and trained how to drive a truck, though, he says, the entire experience was "scary." 

"I was very scared because you are not shooting in a controlled environment. It wasn’t that I was wired or I had a harness to save me from a fall. It was live road, with live traffic and situations. 

"When the thought used to cross my mind, that there are four cars of the crew in front and behind me, but they can’t do anything if something goes wrong, that used to really scare me. But thankfully, I am back home alive." 

The show features the activities of celebrities, who are driving a truck from Manali to Leh on deadly roads while completing the tasks given to them. 

"The show has no script, it is like a travel diary kind of a show where I was reacting organically to the situations which were coming my way. On top of that, riding a truck is a very tough task. It is not easy thing for sure." 

The show is scheduled to air on History channel next month.