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‘Hate Story 4’: Urvashi Rautela receives death threats

SNS | New Delhi |

One thing that everyone learnt from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat is you can’t get away from the wrath of people if you have any kind of historical reference attached to your film.

After Bhansali’s Padmaavat, it’s Hate Story 4‘s lead actor Urvashi Rautela who has landed into a serious trouble as the actor received death threats even before the release of the film.

The threats made to the actor is in regard to a dialogue in the film where Urvashi says “Draupati ke toh 5 Pandav the…yahan toh sirf 2 hain” (Draupati had 5 Pandavs….in this case there are only 2).

The dialogue from the film has received much backlash from people, who found it insensitive on the actor’s part, which resulted in death threats for Urvashi.

According to a report in HT, Urvashi, who believes the character of her film doesn’t reflect her real personality, said, “Draupati is a heroic and I value all historical books and figures.”

“I was shocked and speechless when I started receiving death threats. I felt vulnerable. It [receiving death threats] has been happening quite often these days, especially in our industry. First, it happened with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’, and now with our film. People need to understand that whatever they see us saying on screen, we are not doing it on our own. There are dialogue writers for a movie, there is a script to be followed… whatever my character says is not a reflection on my personal opinion or principles in life. However, we, as a team, don’t mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I value our holy books and epics.”

“Draupadi is a heroic princess and nowhere did the filmmakers try to poke fun. The controversy today is about tolerance, sentiment, and presentation of historical facts and Indians gets heavily influenced by cinema. I feel that there should be no political interference. I suggest people watch the movie before making judgements,” Urvashi added.

The death threats received by Urvashi were way before the actual release of the film.

Hate Story 4, also featuring Karan Wahi, Ihana Dhillion and Vivaan Bhatena, released worldwide on March 9.