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Committing crime after watching a show is stupid: Anup Soni

IANS | New Delhi |


Bollywood and television shows are often blamed for inspiring real-life crimes. But actor Anup Soni, who has for long been anchoring the reality-based Crime Patrol TV show, says it is “stupid” on an individual’s part to be influenced by reel drama.

While the show has had a positive impact on him, Anoop says it is an individual’s choice as to which path should be taken in the end.

“If somebody commits a crime after seeing this show, then he is stupid and by that logic, I should be the first one to commit a crime as I am there in all 1,600 episodes of it! I would have learnt the tactics… That is just an excuse.

“It’s your choice that which path you want to follow. In all dramas, the criminal is caught in the end, some get caught early, some take time, but eventually everyone is caught. Take examples of high profile cases happening in our country which are now coming out… Crime always leaves a mark and can surface anytime,” the 42-year-old Anup said.

Did being a part of a show which unearths truths on the crimes happening in India affect him personally?

“Initially, I used to get very disturbed,” said Anup.

“Doing these kind of stories… It was very heavy, but now I feel that there is a great positive change in my life. My point of view towards life has changed. I have become very positive and there’s a change in me as a person as well,” said the actor, who will also be seen in few episodes of the web series The Test Case.

Generally, actors are expected to celebrate if they reach a landmark on the work front like Anup has scored 1,600 episodes as an anchor. But the actor doesn’t feel it is a “nice thing to celebrate episodes of a crime show”.

However, the actor feels good that the show has brought about a change in people’s lives.

“The show has been accepted by the audience very well. It has been on air for almost ten-and-a-half years now and I have been anchoring it for so long. The satisfying part is the kind of feedback you get from the people.

“People say to me, ‘You know when you talk and give some kind of an analysis of the whole crime in the episode, we get some kind of an intimation, an awareness’,” said Anoop.

“It is not that you use it on daily basis, but it is something that it is in the back of your mind and keeps you alert and if such a situation comes to mind, then you will get to know and deal with it with certain tactics. I think there are positive outcomes from the episodes,” he added.