Indian cinema has witnessed a fair share of growth in several aspects, yet it’s still all about lead actors of a film and songs. No doubt, its evolution is seen in cinematic pleasures, advertisements and promotional strategy. Aamir Khan, however, has broken the stereotype by proving the aforementioned wrong in all ways possible, with his latest release Secret Superstar.

Without holding the limelight, Aamir chose to offer the lead role in his latest offering to a 16-year-old. Zaira Wasim, who also made her debut with Aamir Khan starrer Dangal was quite comfortable working with Mr. Perfectionist and able to deliver the best shot in front of the camera.

From her remarkable expressions, to making the audience feel her pain with that phenomenal acting skill of hers, and gutting the viewers against social evils, Zaira in all ways has proven herself as an astounding actor.

Secret Superstar is one film that should have gotten wider reach that it has got until now. The gripping story line talks about women being suppressed by men in the Indian society, and how there is nothing that can stop women from altercation after raising their voice against evil.

Lead actress Zaira was definitely the perfect cast for the film and so were the other characters, including Meher Vij as Insiya’s mother Najma Malik and Tirth Sharma, Insiya’s love interest Chintan.

While the story was an emotional ride, brimming the eyes with tears; these two actors, indeed, put life into it making it look realistic. Their charismatic appearance was something that hasn’t been much talked about, but after watching the film one cannot stop appreciating their efforts.

Meher Vij plays a mother, whose fate and life has been written by the male members of the family. A victim of domestic violence, she portrays an ideal mom and brings out the best in her. Meher, who has been seen in supporting roles in films like Saaya, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Tum Bin II, has also been a part of a couple of TV shows. Not such a popular face on screens, Meher got the quintessential platform to show to the world what she is capable of doing. A perfect fit for the role of Insiya’s mother, Meher aka Najma can be called the parallel lead alongside Zaira.

Another character in the film, Chintan (played by Tirth Sharma) was someone who took us by surprise. He is the hidden star of the Aamir Khan starrer film. With just a small role in one movie to his credit, Tirth was lucky to bag the role of Insiya’s love interest in Secret Superstar. Nevertheless, his efficiency was seen through his work and there is no denial in the fact that he is a hidden superstar too. From the innocent love that brought smiles on many lips, Chintan was a true portrayal of a school going boy who loses his heart out to his batch mate.

A heart-rendering film with a stunning story line, the film keeps the audience glued to the screens for 150 minutes. All thanks to the casting director for assembling such a mind blowing cast.