JP Dutta completed his war trilogy with his recently released film Paltan. The film, which is based on Nathu La and Cho La clashes in 1967, might be a war story but the actors surely had a fun time off screen.

Talking to the, the cast of the film shared the biggest prank they played on the sets. Arjun Rampal narrated how they managed to prank on the father-son duo that was part of the Chinese army.

“It was Sonu’s idea. There is a father-son duo in the cast and the father had to get shot. So, we told them there is a special effect you have to plant on the head, it’s a squib. We got the action director and JP sir on our side and conspired this whole thing. We told them he had to sign a form which says that if there is any damage to his brain none of us are responsible. That poor chap did not sleep for three nights.”

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Sonu Sood added, “Initially, they were ready, Then I went to him and said some time this happens and no one really bothers. I told his son that you should be careful your father is going to be shot and all that. Then he said ‘No, dad this is not going to happen’. It got over finally after three days.”

So we guess it was more fun than fight on the sets of Paltan.

Presented by Zee Studios and produced by JP Dutta Films, Paltan hit the screens on 7 September.