Nikita Dutta: Five must-watch films from ‘Kabir Singh’ to ‘Gold’

Discover five standout films featuring Nikita Dutta, showcasing her versatility and talent across Bollywood and beyond.

Nikita Dutta: Five must-watch films from ‘Kabir Singh’ to ‘Gold’

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Nikita Dutta, renowned for her beauty and acting prowess across Indian cinema, has carved a notable niche from television to Bollywood, and now, she’s venturing into Marathi cinema with ‘Gharat Ganpati’. Her journey is marked by several standout performances that have captivated audiences nationwide. Here are five of her must-watch films:

1) Gold

Making her debut in Bollywood with ‘Gold’, Nikita Dutta portrayed the role of ‘Simran’, a Desi Indian girl, in this sports drama alongside Akshay Kumar. Her authentic portrayal and nuanced performance garnered praise, establishing her presence in the industry.

2) Kabir Singh

In the intense romantic drama ‘Kabir Singh’, Nikita Dutta played ‘Jia Sharma’, a pivotal character in the narrative starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. Her role as the second female lead showcased her ability to leave a lasting impression in a compelling storyline.


3) The Big Bull

Opposite Abhishek Bachchan in ‘The Big Bull’, Nikita Dutta portrayed ‘Priya Patel Shah’, adding depth to the film’s narrative. Her performance was lauded for its sincerity and contribution to the storyline’s dynamics.

4) Dybbuk

Venturing into the realm of supernatural horror, Nikita Dutta starred alongside Emraan Hashmi in ‘Dybbuk’. Her portrayal of ‘Mahi Issac’, a central character in the chilling narrative, demonstrated her versatility and ability to excel across different genres.

5) Dange

In the bilingual action drama ‘Dange’, Nikita Dutta embraced a role that showcased her versatility yet again. Her compelling performance added layers to the film, highlighting her ability to adapt to diverse characters and narratives.

Nikita Dutta’s journey in cinema continues to evolve, marked by roles that resonate with audiences and critics alike. As she expands her repertoire across various film industries, her dedication to delivering memorable performances remains a hallmark of her career. Whether it’s drama, romance, or horror, Nikita Dutta’s presence on screen promises an engaging and enriching cinematic experience.

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