Want to know which celebrity is your love match? Just look at your zodiac sign and find that out. We have researched and found out which zodiac signs are perfect matches for each other.

It’s time to find out whether your famous celebrity-crush is your soul mate this Valentine’s Day.


Traits of the sign: Adventurous, energetic, competitive, impulsive.

Likes: Adventure sports, comfortable clothes, get-togethers.

Your best match would be these Cancerian celebs- Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez.



Traits of the sign: Practical, reliable, responsible, stable.

Likes: Cooking, high-quality clothes, music

Your best match would be these Gemini celebs: Sonam Kapoor and Angelina Jolie



Traits of the sign: Curious, quick learner, adaptable.

Likes: Books, music, socialising, parties.

Your best match would be these Leo celebs: Jacqueline Fernandez, Jennifer Lopez



Traits of the sign: Loyal, emotional, imaginative.

Likes: Indoor games, beaches, brunch.

Your best match would be these Capricorn celebs- Deepika Padukone and Sienna Miller



Traits of the sign: Confident, creative, generous.

Likes: Acting, backpacking, bright colours.

Your best match would be these Taurus celebs- Anushka Sharma and Gal Gadot



Traits of the sign: Analytical, loyal, humorous.

Likes: Food, books, nature.

Your best match would be these Scorpio celebs: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anne Hathaway



Traits of the sign: Diplomatic, social, fair-minded.

Likes: Gentleness, sharing, outdoor games.

Your best match would be these Aquarius celebs: Preity Zinta and  Elizabeth Olsen



Traits of the sign: Brave, stubborn, passionate.

Likes: Suspense, longtime friends, a grand passion.

Your best match would be these Pisces celebs: Alia Bhatt and Drew Barrymore



Traits of the sign: Humorous, generous, idealistic.

Likes: Travel, philosophy, freedom.

Your best match would be these  Libra celebs: Parineeti Chopra and Kate Winslet



Traits of the sign: Disciplined, good leaders, self-control.

Likes: Music, photography, movie dates.

Your best match would be these Aries celebs- Rani Mukerji and  Emma Watson



Traits of the signOriginal, progressive, independent.

Likes: Charity, intellectual conversation, music.

Your best match would be these Virgo celebs- Kareena Kapoor Khan and Rachel Bilson



Traits of the sign: Compassionate, wise, musical.

Likes: Sleeping, romance, music.

Your best match would be these Sagittarius celebs- Dia Mirza and Miley Cyrus