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Aditya Pancholi to sue Kangana Ranaut?

SNS | New Delhi |

Everyone thought that the long-intense battle between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan was over long ago. But the Queen actress reignited the feud during the promotions of her upcoming film, Simran, and even dragged Aditya Pancholi to the mix!

During the promotions of her film, Simran, Kangana revealed about her struggling days, her affair with Hrithik and how Aditya Pancholi ruined her life when she was a newbie in the tinsel town!

“I was young at that time. I have a thing for older men! I don’t why, but I get attracted to them very easily! He got an apartment for me but didn’t allow my friend to come there. Then I went to meet his wife. His daughter is a year older than me,

“My film Gangster was about to release then. I met his wife and asked for her help. She said to me that they are happy whenever he is not at home otherwise he raises his hands on domestic helps and others around. It’s actually good for us if he is not around, so I can’t help you!” the actress said on the popular TV show Aap Ki Adalat.

The Aatish actor, however, was not comfortable with the accusations that the actress made and want to take the matter to legal consent, according to various reports.

Unlike the 90s actor, Hrithik has chosen to be silent or he is yet to comment on the accusation the actress made.