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Bigg Boss 13, Day 61, Nov 30: Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma is in bottom two, Devoleena Bhattacharjee leaves house

Salman asks everyone to not take things from granted.

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Saturday’s episode begins with Salman Khan thanking everyone for the hike in TRPs. He tells everyone about good news and everyone being called outside midnight. Bigg Boss then tells all the housemates about the good numbers that the show has garnered this season with an all celebrity season this time around. Bigg Boss then, also informs the housemates about the extension of 5 weeks. Paras and Mahira seem to have gotten into an argument amidst all of this.

Salman then also tells everyone about the drama inside the house post the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss then calls both Vishal and Rashami to the confession room and reprimands them for the pasta they stole. Bigg Boss asks them to tell everyone about what they did and ask them to put away all the items from their luxury budget, and they do so.

Amidst all of this, Sidharth and Paras get annoyed because of this and everyone gets into an argument and it escalates further. While Asim asks Sidharth to try and explain to his team members, Vishal and Sidharth continue fighting over the repercussions of what just happened. Asim continues to explain his point of view to Sidharth, while Paras also tells Vishal that they will not give away the luxury budget items. Meanwhile, Arti, Shefali, Vishal and Rashami talk about what went through. The arguments continue.

And so Salman decides to visit the housemates, but he first finds Sidharth alone and talks to him about his anger issue and the tone with which he talks. He has a fun time with him and meanwhile, everyone joins Salman. Salman then continues his fun banter with Hindustani Bhau and Shehnaaz Gill, and then Salman tells them about the sportsmanship and rules and tells them how it is not about food. Salman continues his conversation with everyone and he also says how he might not be there during the extended episodes. Salman then asks everyone about their opinion on the extension and their plans for later.

Next, it is time for the caller of the week, and the call is for Sidharth who has questions about his equations with Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra, given how he is the one who moved from Asim to Paras and calls him Paras’ chela. Sidharth clarifies everything including captaincy, the equations, the duties being assigned, etc. Salman then moves onto the captaincy task and also questions Paras about giving away the apple to Vishal and then asks Mahira and asks both of them how there is an immunity factor that comes with it.

Salman then gives everyone a nice hearing about everyone making an attempt to save Sidharth. Sidharth is then asked to assign the following to the housemates: An elephant who walks straight, Horse, who is short-sighted, Camel, who can only walk diagonally, the minister, who is the cunning person and is directing the king but can never be the king, and the pawn, who is always the first to become the victim of everything. He gives Shehnaaz the Elephant tag, horse to Rashami, camel to Paras, minister aka wazir to Vishal, and pawn to Bhau. Salman then analyzes his picks.

Salman asks everyone to not take things from granted, and tells everyone, how he will tell them which of the two housemates are in the bottom two as per the audience votes. He then reveals Mahira Sharma and Paras are in the bottom two this week and announces everyone safe. This kickstarts a conversation amongst everyone and both Paras and Mahira don’t seem very happy about it.

Joining Salman Khan are Shubhaarambh stars Mahima Makwana and Akshit Sukhija. Salman then takes them to the housemates through the Live TV. Asim then brings coconuts and plays a game with them. Salman then announces that Devoleena will have to leave the house as per doctor’s instructions, and tells her how he wishes she returns back with good health. Everyone is left to tears after her exit.

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