Air is ‘unbreathable’: Arjun Rampal on landing in Delhi

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( Photo: Instagram/@rampal72)

Arjun Rampal arrived in Delhi on Saturday and spoke about the city’s pollution on social media.

Rampal took to Twitter to share a message that read, “Just landed in Delhi, the air here is just unbreathable. Absolutely disgusting what has become of this city. The pollution is visible, dense smog. People wearing masks. How much more disaster does one need to wake up and do the right thing? Tell ourselves we are wrong. #DelhiBachao.”

On Friday, the Central Pollution Control Board had shared the Air Quality Index of Delhi NCR of 496 at 4 pm.


The stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana has left Delhi gasping for air.

The pollution levels dropped marginally on Saturday with a slight increase in wind speed, a day after the region saw its worst air quality.

On Saturday, the PM 2.5 count at 9 AM has halved at 208, according to US Embassy data.

On November 1, the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority declared a public health emergency in the Delhi-NCR region, the state government has ordered the closure of all schools till November 5.