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AAKRITI commemorate 20 years of journey with Bengali Theatre

During the last 20 years Aakriti has staged 29 productions and won 60 awards all over India which includes Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur and Chandigarh.

Dilip Guha | New Delhi |


Drama Society AAKRITI popularly known as Aakriti, established in 2002, is one of the leading Bengali theatre group in Capital. On the occasion of their annual night celebration in order to commemorate their completion of 20 years of its journey staged Two one act plays in bangali “Ekti Durghotona o Ekti Atmahatya (An accident and a suicide)” and “Dharma Ubacha” (The Divine Message)” on 3rd September, 2022 at Muktodhara Auditorium, New Delhi. Serious theatre and affording amusement to audience are the primary objective of Aakriti.

Talking to The Statesman Director, Shri Souvik Sen Gupta, “The aim of Aakriti is to produce good, meaningful plays of social relevance and offer healthy entertainment to theatre lovers.  During the last 20 years Aakriti has staged 29 productions and won 60 awards all over India which includes Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur and Chandigarh”.

Their First presentation, the comedy play “Ekti Durghotona o Ekti Atmahatya” (An accident and a suicide) Playwright, Design& Direction by Shri Souvik Sen Gupta himself teaches us saying that no person is born as a criminal, it’s the circumstances that turns him into a criminal.  The story is all about transformation of a thief to a social reformer.

Kalachand, role played by Arunava Sengupta, a thief on compulsion but basically a learned and kind-hearted person, took shelter in a desolate house to save himself from the mob. The house co-incidentally was taken on rent the same day by a school teacher who was not present at home that time.

The neighbours mistook Kalachand as the school teacher and everyone came with unique proposals with a selfish mindset to use the teacher for their own benefit. In terms of acting Arunava Sengupta, justifies his character role as he could bring out the change in his character beautifully at end.

His portrayal was very strong and left a strong impression on audiences mind. The supporting actor Kalyan Ghoshal played the role of “Dom the cleaner, was successfully able to take the audience with flow of the story line.

Other characters and child artists namely Priyansh Adhikari, Bernika Adhikari, Srishti Ghosh, Drishti Ghosh, AnuskaSatpathi, Asmita Satpathi all supported well.

The second presentation of  Aakriti annual night was also the comedy play “Dharma Ubacha” (The Divine Message) written by Shri Shankar Basu Thakur, Design and Direction by Souvik Sen Gupta. The play through laughter and comedy demonstrate us that only by the path of righteousness and love one can find God.  Once we come out of our petty differences and take the path of humanity and love, a true society can be formed.

Ekti Durghotona o Ekti Atmahatya
Ekti Durghotona o Ekti Atmahatya


The play’s story line revolves around an old temple of Dharamraj in the village Bishnupur. Dharamraj (deity of justice) is very unhappy with the ever-decreasing respect, fear and love for him by the villagers and the dilapidated condition of his temple in the village.

Madan Dev, the God of love joins Dharamraj who is also saddened by the affairs of human being. The play,certainly able to change the mind-set of the villagers and bring peace, prosperity and love.

In terms of performance Palash Das, a renowned and versatile theatre artist played the role of Dharmoraj. His comic timing was impeccable. Not only the dialogue delivery alivated the comedy but his expressions and reactions were cherry on top.

Accompanied him was Madan Dev, played by Sheshadri Ratna Mitra, whose theatrics and characterization was perfect. Aparna Banerjee, a very well known actress played the character of Suhasini with utmost sincerity and essayed her role very beautifully.

Needles to say Sudip Biswas’s Make up and RanjanBasu’s Light and Arunava Sengupta’s music created a mesmerizing environment at the stage.

At end of the day it was heart winning performance of the artist of Aakriti under able guidance of director Shri Souvik Sen Gupta successful in passing strong social message were acknowledged by the house packed audience.