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5 times Irrfan Khan shocked us with his performance in commercial movies

SNS | New Delhi |

In an industry where it is believed that only someone with a ‘godfather’ has a way into the cinema, this astonishing actor not only entered the industry but also marked some amazing performances with his movies. A place where nepotism prevails, he made it to the top list of actors. Irrfan Khan is a game changer and a rule maker; he changed the perception that only commercial movies can turn you into a hero.

Irrfan gave the audience some interesting movies like Maqbool, The Lunchbox, Haider, Hindi Medium and many more, over the years. The marvelous actor not only conquered the Bollywood industry but also embarked a mark in the Hollywood industry. He became a part of films like Life of Pi, Jurassic Park, and Amazing Spiderman. Other than his unconventional movies, which are popular among the audience, he also starred in some commercial movies. Although they did not do quite well at the Box office, Irrfan stood out with his performance.

Here is a list of five such movies:

Hiss (2010)

Hiss (Photo credit: YouTube)

Irrfan plays a character of a cop in the movie. Hiss is based on a story of a naagin who is in a search of a nag — the nag that has been captivated by an American hunter to get the naagmani and earn immortality.

Chocolate (2005)

(Photo credit: YouTube)

Chocolate with a star cast of Anil Kapoor, Irfan Khan and Tanushree Dutta in it released in 2005. The plot is based on two Indians — Irrfan, and Tanushree — who get implicated in a bomb blast. Anil Kapoor enters as a lawyer who would get them out of the situation. The film couldn’t impress the audience but Irfan Khan’s performance definitely stole the limelight.

Rog (2005)

(Photo credit: Youtube)

The same year another movie was released starring Irfan Khan and Ilene Hamann. Irfan Khan’s character falls in love with a woman who is dead. He is infatuated with the ghost of the woman. The out of the box plot eventually backfired.

Billu (2009)

(Photo credit: Youtube)

 The movie is based in a small village, where Billu (Irfan Khan) works as a barber and struggles to earn every day. Among all hardships, he finds a way to make his existence among the people that by revealing his connection with a film superstar played by Shah Rukh Khan. He fails to prove that to the villagers and ends up been cornered.

Gunday (2014)

(Photo credit: Youtube)

A story of two refugee kids who crossed the border a homeless and then end up owning the whole city. In a movie with a star cast of Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, and Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan manages to steal the thunder.