Contrary to the expectations of the Kashmir-centric political parties, the hard-line Hurriyat Conference leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has called for the boycott of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

His boycott call is likely to upset the poll calculations of the non-BJP political parties in the state.

In a strongly worded statement on Monday evening, Geelani asked the people for “complete and unanimous boycott” of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Geelani claimed that “no sane citizen of this state, belonging to any region or religion, is satisfied with the ground situation of this land. Death and destruction and political instability has led to such a chaotic scenario, of which, if elections would have been any remedy, which is in practice here for the last 71 years, but it is known to everybody, friends and foes, that with each passing day the graph of atrocities, denials and curbs have an alarming steep.”

Some argue that despite boycott, people get elected, to which Hurriyat chairman said that it is agreed beyond doubt that people have celebrated 2% voter turnout, but there is “hell of a difference between the crown of humiliation and crown of grace.” He said that how can we afford to be a part of the house where laws and resolution are passed only to throttle and subjugate us.

Referring to the remarks of Mehbooba Mufti when she was the chief minister with the support of the BJP, Geelani said that humiliating remarks of “milk & toffee” are still echoing in the minds of people and every curb and war on the people were assigned to the dreams of her father. Arrogance of power was so intoxicating that in the presence of the mighty crutches of power, even the queries from media were not responded, but as the support withered away, they shamelessly started knocking the doors of people with a begging bowl.

Hurriyat chairman said that “it hardly matters who wins and who loses, but no conscious, sane and mindful person should be part of anybody’s win or loss.”

Geelani’s boycott call has come amidst demands of the valley based political parties that the Hurriyat should not give the poll boycott call as it might benefit the BJP. Less percentage of polling might help the BJP and its ally, Peoples Conference.

The National Conference and PDP have not fielded their candidates against the Congress on both Lok Sabha seats in Jammu to prevent the division of votes that might have gone in favour of the BJP.