The latest student results from Study Group show international students, including those who continue to choose to study in the United States, have continued to thrive in US university pathway programs despite the challenges of coronavirus.

Summer term results for student success in Study Group’s US pathway programs, for example, reveal an exceptional student satisfaction rate of 95%, a completion rate of 94% and that 93% of students were able to progress onto university to continue their degrees.

The results align to the recent study by the IC3 Institute that 83% of Indian and Nepalese high school students remain optimistic about higher education despite the current challenges due to Covid-19, with a third still planning to study abroad in the immediate future.

Josh Rubin, Vice President of Operations for Study Group in North America congratulated both students and staff for their exemplary efforts at a challenging time.

Although the Study Group in North America has traditionally operated solely through face-to-face instruction, the necessary shift to virtual learning has been a shared challenge for students, staff, and faculty.

Study Group North America’s Director of Academic Affairs, Lauren McConatha, said, “Faculty members have gone through a tremendous amount of upheaval during this transition to virtual learning. The strong student performance in these challenging circumstances speaks to the excellence and impressive adaptability of the instruction. To deliver high-quality programs to all of these young people is a huge feat.”