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Exclusive Interview: Pujor Adda with Trina Saha

Actress Trina Saha talks about her puja fashion, food, prem and more in an exclusive Pujor Adda with The Statesman.

Payal | Kolkata |

As Durga Puja draws closer, celebs are gearing up to soak in the celebrations. Actress Trina Saha talks about her puja fashion, food, prem and more in an exclusive Pujor Adda with The Statesman.

What does Durga Puja mean to you?

I think Durga Puja is the time we all wait for the entire year. The extended five-day holiday full of fun and frolic, no worries, no barriers, just spending happy moments with closed ones, Durga Puja is all about that.

What’s going to be your Puja fashion this year?

Trust me I haven’t yet decided what to wear. So many works are lined up that I couldn’t yet spare time for shopping. But yes, whatever I wear it should be comfortable.

Do you go for pandal hopping?

Mostly we go for puja openings and inauguration and we make sure to take a stroll of the pandal. That’s also a kind of Puja parikroma. Other than that we visit pandals for having a good adda (circle). You too might come across us in any pandal.

And what are the other Puja plans you have?

There should be no plan for Puja. Throughout the year we are stuck in busy schedules and deadlines but these five days have no disciplines and boundaries, so I like to enjoy each day doing whatever I feel like at that moment. Unplanned vacations are more fun, too much planning can turn out to be hectic (winks).

Then there should be no diet also… Is it so?

Diet, what is that? Pujo means only cheat days. I can never think of eating healthy on Puja (laughs out loud).

What is your must have dish in Durga Puja?

Mutton! Every day Mutton is a must in both lunch and dinner. Any preparation will do. Both Neel and I crave for mutton and see I am already drooling.

What about your Puja prem? Did it change after marriage?

Actually it always feels special to be with Neel. After marriage, many things changed but the feeling remained the same and we still enjoy every moment we spend together just the way we used to do earlier. And we both being foodie, Puja is the time we can jump into food forgetting our diets and without being watchful.