After commencing the operations of 15 special trains for the migrant workers, the Indian Railways plans to run Shramik Special trains from all the districts connected by Railways in the country.

Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry on Saturday, has asked the district collectors of the country to prepare a list of stranded labourers and destination, and apply it to Railways through State nodal officer.

Indian Railways has got the capacity to run almost 300 Shramik special trains a day, however, less than half are being presently utilised, Ministry of Railways said.

“Full capacity Operationalisation of the railways Rakes would provide significant relief to the migrants across the country who are seeking to go to their home states. Indian Railways is ready to augment the running of Shramik special trains as per the actual needs of the districts,” it added.

“As of today, more than 15 lakh migrants have already been transported by the Railways to their home states and almost 1150 Shramik Special trains have been operationalised. Indian Railways can easily transport an almost double number of migrants per day,” it said.

Ministry of Railways further said that once the information about migrants wishing to go back to their home states is made available from each district, then Indian Railways can take further action to help operationalise the trains.