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Typhoid, jaundice create panic among Sambalpur residents

Statesman News Service | Sambalpur |

Typhoid fever and jaundice have been reported in certain parts of the city here again. While the health department says that the number is very less but thin attendance in schools shows the number of small boys and girls suffering from the dreaded disease.

At the same time, more number of people are also coming to the government and private hospitals for treatment. “Since many students are suffering from these two diseases, less numbers of students are coming to schools. Further, those who have been cured are coming with a very poor health condition,” informed many teachers of the city schools and particularly of those in the slum areas.

In the year 2014, jaundice spreaded like epidemic in Sambalpur and hundreds of people died of it. But as per govt record it was 35 only. However, the incident turned to a headache for the state government then. Ill maintained drains and water contamination was said to be the reason behind the disease.

And the same situation is being repeated now with innumerable students and adults suffering from the disease with typhoid as a recent addition.

It is seen that drains are not cleaned for months together and unauthorised water line connection facilitate mixing of drain water with drinking water.

“Such a situation helps the disease to spread,” opines the CDMO of Sambalpur Dr. KK Gupta. Dr Gupta further informed that testing of blood samples in slum areas of the city confirms presence of jaundice virus in people. “However, we are taking adequate measures to curb spreading of the disease further. We have also advised people to drink boiled water so that this disease could be prevented,” Dr. Gupta added.