The Opposition party in Sikkim, the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM), has alleged that opposition leaders are fed with wrong and misleading information and given wrong figures by the state government on questions they raise in the Legislative Assembly. Acting president of the SKM, Kunga Nima Lepcha, said that the elected people’s representatives have the right to ask questions in the interest of the people in the Assembly sessions and that the government should provide them the correct information and figures.

“In response to my question on loans on the state government from different financial institutions, the minister concerned said it was Rs 4490.56 crores. However, as per a recent RTI filed by an SKM party functionary, documents show that the state has loans amounting to Rs 320501.45 lakh,” Mr Lepcha told a press conference here today. According to him, he was informed that the figure was submitted by the state government to HUDCO. Mr Lepcha said that the figures of the loan amount provided by the state government to HUDCO and presented in the Assembly do not match.

“As such, the information furnished on my question in the Assembly was false and misleading,” he said, adding that his party would place this issue in the Privilege Motion of the upcoming Assembly session. According to him, the party has been consulting with legal experts on the matter. Responding to queries from reporters, Mr Lepcha said that after running the government for over 23 years, it “does not suit the ruling SDF (Sikkim Democratic Front) to take interest in the internal matters of the SKM.” He added that the ruling party should instead concentrate on working in the interest of the people of Sikkim. “Time will tell whether PS Golay can contest the upcoming elections, but as he will come out of jail, a majority of the people of Sikkim will go against the ruling party,” he claimed.