The opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) called an emergency meeting at the party headquarters here on Wednesday and discussed plans to organize a peace rally being on 24 March.

In the meeting attended by party executives and supporters, discussions were held on the various aspects of the rally, while the party said the event is for a noble cause and necessary for all to take part in it.

“The idea of the rally is to expose and make people aware that the SDF (Sikkim Democratic Front) government is fully indulged in negativities, irregularities and evil deeds in the state,” Ranjana Pradhan, the Secretary (Press and Publicity) of the party, said.

“Wrongdoings like corruption and nepotism have made people’s life miserable, and the Sikkimese people are deprived of their benefits due to such evil practices of the government,” she added.

According to her, illegal deeds like service extensions, backdoor appointments, labour contract system, and violation of law have become “habits of the SDF party, which will benefit only their near and dear ones.

” She said the SKM has always opposed such illegal practices and “we are still firm on eradicating such practices which is hampering life of the Sikkimese people.”

The party, meanwhile, promoted and appointed Uttam Lepcha as the Vice President (HQ & Administration). Likewise, Pawan Gurung has been appointed as the General Secretary, HQ & Administration of the party.