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UP power shortage adds to humidity woes

rahul vaishnavi | Lucknow |

Uttar Pradesh is facing an acute shortage of power as the demand for electricity has peaked due to humid conditions, an official said on Saturday.

The power demand has touched a high of 20,275 MW while the maximum availability for now is 17,700 MW, leaving a gap of 2,575 MW.

The UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) have blamed the huge demand for power on the dry spell in some areas and high humidity levels.

Another major reason for power disruption are the heavy rains occurring in the hill state of Uttarakhand, from where many hydro-power projects supply electricity to the state, an official said.

Technical glitch has hit the production at Bara, two units of the four at Roza power plant are also dysfunctional.

The power crisis comes at a time when the UPPCL claims to have purchased a record 360.9 million units in August against 296.5 million units last year in the same month.

Engineers however point out that power cuts were averaging three to four hours in the cities and villages were getting only 15 hour power supply and the cities 17 hours.