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NGO initiates unique search for state’s talented people

Statesman News Service | Sambalpur |

In an innovative activity, a newly formed NGO ‘Yes We Can’ has initiated a unique effort to search the hidden talents and the changing agents from all over the state. On Wednesday in a special function here in presence of the different dignitaries of the state and few from the corporate sectors; the NGO activist brought many such people before the public.

Many of the them narrated the struggle they took to establish themselves in life in spite of innumerable hurdles from family, friends and the society as a whole. The NGO also felicitated 50 such people in two special sessions in the morning and afternoon. Urbashi a lady from Bhadrakh narrated her stories. She is physically challenged and her both hands don’t work.

But she does her works with her two legs. Urbashi displayed with her legs how does she perform her day to day works. She has a daughter also. Urbashi showed in front of everybody how she combs the hair of her daughter and the people were spellbound at her performance with legs. Though it was looking like magic, but it was nothing but reality.

Another organisation from Barpali, ‘Life Line’ engaged in blood donation and its team leader Mr Pradyumna Kumar Tripathy also narrated he the hurdles he faced to popularize blood donation among the rural people. “It was a herculean task initially to motivate people for blood donation. But things have become easier now after tireless efforts,” Mr Tripathy said.

All other people called as ‘change agents’ narrated their own stories which were never bed of roses, but the adverse situation never discouraged them to run away from their aims. Mr Sishir Sahoo, the head of the NGO ‘Yes We Can’ explained the aim behind taking such a challenging venture in Odisha since without it many people contributing for the society or facing hurdles for their own sustainability will remain behind the screen for ever without being coming to light.

In the two sessions, Padmashree Haladhar Nag the eminent poet, Mr AK Jha the CMD of MCL, Mr Sanjeev Patnaik the head of corporate communication of Vedanta, Mr Rakesh Mishra GM of Utkal Alumina, Mrs Tanya Patnaik JMD of Eastern Media Ltd, spoke on the occasion. They also praised the initiative taken up by the particular NGO to highlight the change makers.