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Medicinal plant farming to get boost in Himachal

Statesman News Service | Shimla |

With a view to provide additional source of income to farmers in the state, Himachal government is identifying and developing agro-techniques to boost Medicinal plant farming.

A state government official said the government has started a project to identify genuine species of the medicinal plants of the respective agro climatic zones and develop agro-techniques of medicinal plants for making cultivation of medicinal plants as supplementary source of income for the people of the state. “Besides, awareness is being created among the people on the various aspects of the medicinal plants,” he said.

The government official said Himachal is endowed with enormous herbal wealth and efforts are being made to utilize the traditional Indian medicinal assets while taking necessary steps to conserve and promote the same.

“To add new dimension to the Indian system of medicine, the government has given added priority to strengthen the Ayurveda infrastructure in the state. Besides, the Indian systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy have played historically a vital role in the Health care system  of  Himachal Pradesh since time immemorial,” he said.

In addition, the Department of Ayurveda has launched a program for the promotion and conservation of the herbal wealth by setting up herbal gardens in the different Agro-climatic zones.

Presently, many Herbal Gardens have been established in the different agro climatic zones of the state which includes Herbal Gardens at Jogindernagar, Neri (Hamirpur), Dhumrera (Rohroo) in Shimla district and Jungal Thalera in Bilaspur district.