“Nallapalli Palia (I want to go to my home in Palia)” was the constant cry of the victim who languished for more than two and half years in a mental asylum in Shimla. Owing to language barrier, she couldn’t narrate her ordeal to people in the north Indian state.

However, on Wednesday, her long cherished dream came true as a team of officials from Mysuru arrived in Shimla to take her back to her native place.

Though she won’t be able to live her parents as her poor family members had refused to take in owing to poor financial condition and she now would stay in welfare home of Karnataka government for destitute women.

The victim was very happy on seeing her cousin brother, Mahadev and remarked, “I am happy to go back to my home and meet my mother again.”

“I want to go home as soon as possible,” she cheerfully added.

Her brother, Mahadev told media that she had ventured out of house to but medicine for ailing grandmother but was robbed and sedated and put on train.

She married in Palia village in Mysuru and was abandoned by her husband few years after the marriage as she couldn’t bear children and later married another woman.

Her husband’s decision jolted her and she became depressed, he said. Mahadev added she was staying with her parents since then.

She somehow reached Chandigarh and from there to Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

She was taken to Rajinder Prasad Government Medical College Tanda, Kangra after she was found roaming on the streets of Kangra in an abnormal state of mind.

From there, she was referred to Mental Health and Rehabilitation Hospital (MHRH), Shimla where she was staying from the last two years. Though her miseries doubled up for the Kannada speaking victim who is illiterate and she couldn’t narrate her ordeal owing to language barrier as she could speak neither Hindi nor English.

It was some sort of miracle after an NGO Performing Group Arts visited the MHRH Shimla and came to know about her ordeal.

Dr Suneela Sharma of the NGO raised the issue with some known persons who knew Kannada and came to know about her ordeal.

After this, she along with the victim met Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur and his wife Sadhna Thakur at function in Gaiety Theatre here who raised the issue with Karnataka government.

“After I came to know after her ordeal, I took up the issue with Karnataka Chief Minister. But it was the media who played a major role in ensuring her return,” Thakur told media persons.

He along with his wife felicitated the victim and the team of Karnataka government officials at his residence and promised to take up such cases to ensure their safe return to home.