Parents of the students of G. D. Birla Centre for Education took out a silent rally this morning to mourn the 14- year-old student of the school who apparently killed herself last Friday.

The rally, which was organised by the parents of the deceased’s classmates, started from the school gates and ended at Ranikuthi crossing. The suicide has left the girl’s classmates and their family members in shock who could not believe that she would end her life in such a manner

Her last rites were performed at a crematorium in Baruipur on Saturday evening. Earlier, during the afternoon, her body was handed over to the family at SSKM hospital after the autopsy was conducted. The autopsy report has revealed that she had committed suicide and asphyxiation was the primary cause of death and not the multiple slash injuries on her left hand.

Police also confirmed that the three-page suicide note was written by her moments before her death and she had mentioned her ordeal which prompted her to take such a drastic step.

According to reports, the girl had written that she had been spending sleepless nights for months and she would find sleep at last.

The note, written in lucid English, also mentions that she had a death wish since her early childhood. She also appealed to her parents to give her a nice funeral.

A meritorious and bright student of class X, the girl was found unconscious and profusely bleeding in a washroom of the school on Friday afternoon. Her face was wrapped in a plastic bag while her wrist had been slit. A three-page suicide note was also found next to her, along with blood-stained blades of pencil sharpeners. She was declared brought dead after being rushed to the nearby hospital.

While the investigating police officers are trying to find clues from her mobile phone and laptop, experts are examining her handwritten suicide note to glean more information about her psychological condition.