Even as the weekend could not bring packed film screening venues at Nandan today, the 26 Kolkata International Film Festival ground outside came alive with Sunday revellers.

The usual beeline queues till the main gates of the screening venues including Nandan I, II, III, Rabindra Sadan and Sisir Mancha, were amiss on the third day of the film festival.

Despite the state government lifting the 50 per cent occupancy norms and relaxing the rules, screening venues like Nandan I, II, III, Rabindra Sadan and Sisir Mancha, were less crowded as compared to pre-Covid times. The earlier picture of choke-a-bloc venues and audiences standing while watching the films was amiss even during the 5pm shows.

However, even though there were fewer people watching films, the crowd and the enthusiasm at the KIFF ground was no lesser.

With the Sun going down and lights adorning the film festival venue, citizens of Kolkata flocked to the place outside Nandan to rejoice at the lively ground or click photos.

The selfie zones became one of the busiest places at the ground. Apart from the cine buffs, there were several people who visited the KIFF ground just to enjoy a winter evening amid beautiful lights and decorations.

From toddlers to kids, teenagers, adults and elderly, the citizens of Kolkata did not want to miss any opportunity to enjoy a slice of the film festival in their own way.

Nilanjan Saha, resident of Garia had come to see Victoria Memorial and spend the day in the open ground with his two-year-old son. After the Sunset, he walked into the KIFF ground with his family to spend some quality time by listening to music and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

“Before returning home, I came here with my wife and son to have some snacks and spend some time,” said Nilanjan.

“We have not come here to watch films. The selfie zones are quite attractive. My family and I want to sit and enjoy the ambiance for some now,” he pointed out.

Like Nilanjan, Sukanta Ghosh, echoed, “I came with my friends to the zoo. Later, seeing the buzz around we decided to visit this place. We loved the energetic and lively ambiance here,” added the second year student.