In a major advance towards bringing medical science and robotics together, for the first time in India, an advanced robotic system has been introduced to perform spinal surgeries with the help of a robotic system successfully, claimed the Indian Spinal Injury Centre (ISIC) here.

“Indian Spinal Injury Centre is the first facility in the world after United States to introduce the advanced Spine Robotic system. Surgeries conducted through advanced robotics reduce implant inaccuracies, revision surgeries, radiation exposure, duration of stay in hospital and chances of infection. Such improvements in so many parameters simultaneously can lead to clinical efficiency significantly. This will help the doctors of ISIC to serve patients suffering from spinal injuries better and in a cost-effective manner,” said Dr HS Chhabra, medical director and chief of spine services, ISIC, New Delhi.

Robotics is a recent advancement in spine surgery, a specialised approach to a complex procedure that allows doctors to plan a surgery more intricately and facilitate a highly accurate and predictable execution of the plan. Robotics is helpful in inserting implants in the spine.

As claimed by the ISIC, five successful surgeries have already been performed by it with the help of this technology so far.

The robotic system combines advanced software, robotic technology, navigation, and instrumentation. The advanced software has deep artificial intelligence and sophisticated 3D analytics component.