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Gurugram hospital distributes anti-pollution masks to patients

Statesman News Service | Gurugram |

In a bid to raise awareness about pollution and protect the most vulnerable from its detrimental health effects, Civil Hospital Gurugram, in collaboration with Blueair distributed N95 masks to patients with respiratory, lung disease and other high risk patients including children and the elderly at the Civil hospital here on Monday.

According to officials, free anti-pollution masks will be given for the next 10 days especially when pollution levels are very high, and people are suffering due to life-threatening smog.

“This campaign is a step to create awareness against pollution so that individuals, especially those who are at high risk, take compensatory precautions to reduce pollution exposure and create a better personal environment for themselves,” said an official.

“In present times, air pollution is the most critical public health concern and wearing face masks and using indoor air purifiers with appropriate filters is arguably the most cost-effective means to limit contact with harmful particulates. The overall idea behind this initiative is to ensure that people are not exposed to toxic level of air pollution and help respiratory and heart patients to breathe,”  said Arvind Chabra, India Head, Blueair.

Dr B K Rajora, chief medical officer at Civil Hospital, said, “Patients who already are battling lung and heart problems are more likely to have their condition worsened with the extreme pollution levels which could be even life-threatening for them. Taking precautionary measures like putting mask can help them breathe better and reduce the exposure to toxic ambient air.”

Experts believe that avoiding direct inhalation of pollutants present in the environment, which are trapped in the smog, may help prevent triggering of allergic reactions, reduce asthma flare-ups and exacerbations during this time.

These small steps can help the people, especially those who are most vulnerable, breathe better under such drastic environmental conditions.