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Green corridor makes intercity organ transplant possible

Avanindra Mishra | Jaipur |

Security checks at the Jaipur airport were raised for a delicate consignment rushed from SMS Hospital in a cordoned route. The consignment containing heart of a cadaver donor was received with the same urgency on arrival and Delhi and taken to AIIMS where it was transplanted in a young recipient. As the civic and medical teams came together, a dying young man was able to save four others across two cities. 

The understanding and sacrifice also made it possible the first liver transplantation operation in the state. "The liver has been successfully transplanted in a recipient while kidneys from the donor have been transplanted in two other patients" informed the SMS Hospital on completion of the operations. 

Health minister also congratulated the medical authorities for making the operations possible. "We are optimistic that such coordination and persuasion will make more such transplants possible." Said health minister Kalicharan Saraf. 

Cadaver transplant has become a possibility recently due to development in medical services and rise in awareness towards organ donation. In the recent incident the donor a 26 year old was bread winner for his family. Yet in their loss his relatives agreed to donate his organs after they were convinced of him being brain dead.