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Ghaziabad Railway Station in for renovation with modern facilities

So far, 40 railway stations are said to have been renovated with all modern facilities for the passengers.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Modern facilities will be added to the renovated Ghaziabad Railway Station. This follows the plans of the Ministry of Railways to update several train stations across the country.

The government has started the renovation of a number of important stations across the country to provide the best comfort and facilities to train passengers.

As per the reports, 40 railway stations have been renovated with contemporary facilities to the passengers.

In order to ensure that passengers travelling by train get top-notch facilities and comfort, the ministry has taken up the task to renovate important stations. So far 40 railway stations are said to have been renovated with all modern facilities for the passengers.

According to a press release, the tender process for the redevelopment of 14 railway stations is underway and these are likely to be awarded in the next 5 months.

The ministry also said the renovation of the railway stations would have multiple impacts on the economy as it would generate employment opportunities apart from helping the economy grow.

The stations are envisaged to have a spacious roof plaza, facilities like a food court, a waiting room for lounge, a children’s play area, designated space for local products etc.

The Railway Ministry has also mentioned that the development would also integrate various modes of the transport system including railway stations, buses, metro etc.

“Green building techniques and facilities for ‘divyangjans’ would be adopted in the construction of station infrastructure. The initiative would, further create a ‘City Centre’ like space at the stations for the railway passengers as well as the general public.

The stations would also be developed on the concept of intelligent buildings equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for the passengers.

However, the ministry also shared that the time frame for the construction of stations cannot be indicated as the station development program is complex in nature, and involves multiple stakeholders and various statutory clearances.