Four teachers lost their lives in a road accident, when their jeep fell into a deep gorge in district Almora on Thursday. Six other teachers suffered injury in the mishap, which took place in Chetai Jalidhar.  The teachers were heading their schools.

It is a general practice among government teachers to stay in district headquarter and make daily movement to their respective schools located in remote village. They tie up with local jeep operator- who conducts the daily round up trip.

Laxmi Shahi, Kanta Ballabh, Mohan Pant and Geeta Nayal were killed in the accident. Driver Khazam lost his life in the tragic accident.

Six other teachers suffered injury and they were rushed to the base hospital in Almora. As the point of accident was located 15 kms from the district headquarters, local police rushed to the site and conducted search and rescue operation.