Continuous encounters of the police with the criminals seem to have terrorised the once fearless criminals in Kairana town of district Shamli which has been known for its notorious criminals. Criminals here have now started approaching the police to quit crime.

Two hardcore criminals,Mohd Salim alias Baba and his cousin Mohd Erahad of vill Mohammadpur Rai of Kotwali area were seen parading on the streets of Kairana roamed holding white paper sheets in which they declared to quit the crime and work to raise a living for their families.

The duo criminals were released on bail a fortnight ago . Shortly after their release the criminals decided to quit crime and approached SP of Shamli Ajay Pal Sharma a to convey their decision of living a normal and peaceful life. They also told the officer that they are ready to submit affidavit for the same.

Admitting SP Sharma said that he had now directed the duo to tender their apology to the people of the area instead of me as they had been the sufferer.

It was than they went out declaring to quit crime . They also paid their respect to people by saying “ Ram Ram” on the way.

Baba is a hardcore criminal with reward of Rs 15 thousand and his cousin Ershad also has crime record, told the So adding that Baba has four cases of murders including a cop and also of robberies, kidnapping and loots.