Colonising Minds

The world has been colonized, not by powerful nations, but by big money. Elected leaders, legislators, regulators, bureaucracies, law enforcement agencies, foreign policymakers, economists, educators and oversight institutions have all been co-opted for smoothening the way for profiteering by a few people. Nation states are being brought to heel, social security networks torn down and deleterious technology forced down peoples‘ throats for the enrichment of a handful of people, who have subverted the will of the masses, normalising corruption and teaching them to relish poison

Not Unavoidable

Constant endeavour by police leaders to build up a human rights culture in the force is necessary. The essence of human rights is respect for human dignity. Indian police have yet to imbibe concern and respect for human rights, particularly of the marginalised and vulnerable groups. Organisational cultures can influence the work and conduct of its members profoundly

Haryana: 3 most wanted criminals arrested

During preliminary interrogation, the arrested accused confessed to their involvement in various crimes. It was also revealed that all three were wanted by Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police in close to three dozen cases including that of murder, attempt to murder, loot and others.

Four wanted criminals nabbed in Noida

Following a tip-off Noida police set up a trap in Sector 15 here to nab the gang that has been dodging arrests in Delhi, Ghaziabad and here for several months.