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Security tightened in national capital ahead of Independence Day

The venue of the Red Fort has been converted into an impregnable fort from all sides. A tight security has been ensured there from the land to the sky.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

During the forthcoming Independence Day celebration, National Capital Delhi is on high alert amid security threats. Security has been tightened on all three fronts, water, land, and sky.

From the border areas to the areas connected to the river Yamuna, VVIP areas of the city, crowded markets, sensitive places, and other tourist places have been totally covered and have been taken in the circle by the security personnel.

The venue of the Red Fort has been converted into an impregnable fort from all sides. Tight security has been ensured there from the land to the sky. Apart from this, commandos and Delhi policemen will keep an eye on the suspects while patrolling continuously in the city and even on the river Yamuna.

Moreover, the Special Cell of Delhi Police will keep an eye on the suspects’ movements and every suspicious call.

A senior police official said that since Red Fort remains the major place of attraction during the Independence Day celebration, special security arrangements have been made there.

Around 10,000 police personnel alone have been deployed at the Red Fort along with paramilitary forces to ensure security at every bit of Red Fort.

Apart from this, all central intelligence and security agencies are on alert.

According to the intelligence reports, inputs about some terrorist suspects in the capital have been received. It has also come to the fore that some terrorist organizations can use drones to carry out terrorist activity and try to hamper peace and harmony in the national capital. This is why the Delhi Police Commissioner has already banned flying objects including drones in Delhi till further orders.

DRDO has also taken the lead to make the celestial security impenetrable at the Red Fort. The agency has installed two anti-drone radar systems, which are capable of identifying any flying object within two to four kilometers.

Apart from this, if any drone comes within a radius of two kilometers of the Red Fort, it will be jammed in the air and thrown down with the help of this system.

Also, in order to cut off the direct view of the main platform from the road in front of the Red Fort, it has been covered, which has made security at the Red Fort completely impenetrable from now on.

Lapse converted to strength…

The moat around the Red Fort has been considered sensitive from the point of view of security. Last year, the ditch around the Red Fort flooded due to rain ahead of the Independence Day celebrations, avoiding what was considered a major security lapse. This year, by connecting the ditch with the sewer line, arrangements have been made to remove water through pumps.

Light on trees…

According to a police source, there are thousands of trees inside and around the Red Fort. Proper lighting arrangements have been made on all the trees around the Red Fort, so as to make sure that no one carries out any kind of nefarious act under the cover of a dense tree. Also, all the sewers have been sealed with their lids, after thorough checking.

Many routes to remain close

In view of security and VVIP moment, many roads around the Red Fort will be closed from Saturday night till the conclusion of Independence Day celebrations. Delhi Traffic Police has issued an advisory for citizens. The advisory consists of information about closed roads and alternate routes. Traffic police will also give traffic updates through social media.

The Web of Third Eye

Police is keeping a third eye vigilance on each and every part of the venue. A network of high-quality CCTV cameras has been laid at the Red Fort for security purposes. To ensure tight security on the PM route, a network of CCTV cameras has been installed on the way as well. These cameras are keeping a close watch on every movement.

Sharp Shooters deployed

According to the sources, sharpshooters have also been deployed, especially on high-rise buildings at selected locations to deal with any emergency situation. Moreover, the Swat team, intelligence team, special cell team, snipers along with some special operation teams will be in active mode in disguise during the ceremony.

Security at Raj Ghat

A police source informed that the PM will visit Raj Ghat on the occasion of Independence Day. On the security front, Raj Ghat is being inspected by the security personnel. Security personnel on boats will thoroughly inspect the lake situated at the Raj Ghat.

Be alert, says Police

Police together with common people can thwart every terrorist plan. With this objective, Delhi Police has appealed to the common people to become the eyes and ears of the police. Any information about suspects or suspicious activity should immediately be transferred to the police.