Resident doctors of the premium Delhi hospital have filed a written complaint to the AIIMS administration regarding security and recurrent cases of mobile phones and laptops stolen from the doctors’ duty room. The Resident Doctors’ Association has demanded immediate monetary compensation by the security staff, as promised, for all the lost items belonging to them.

In a letter to the Deputy Director, Administration, Delhi-AIIMS, the RDA has demanded implementation of enhanced security door lock for all duty rooms of doctors. Their demands also include efficient follow up of complaints lodged by the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and transfer of the AIIMS Chowki-in-charge with immediate effect. The RDA letter states that the resident doctors are extremely distressed by the recurrent thefts and unprofessional behavior of the Chowki Incharge.

The doctors have warned that if these demands are not met, they will consider stopping work as patient care cannot be delivered in an unsafe and non-cooperative environment. The letter states that many valuable articles and gadgets including laptops, vehicles, mobiles and personal belongings of resident doctors have been stolen from doctors’ duty rooms and campus at a time when residents are busy in taking care of patients.

It is stated in the letter that the attitude of AIIMS security and CSO has been extremely callous, unprofessional and non-cooperative in this regard.

There have also been reports of complaints of FIRs not being registered. It was alleged that police staff scolded a female resident for not taking care of her belongings when she went there to lodge an FIR for her lost laptop. They allegedly made her run from pillar to post but did not eventually lodge any FIR.

The letter reads that there is always a delay in action and no follow up of the complaints lodged earlier. In many cases, it says, no action is initiated in spite of providing CCTV footage of the culprits. Many residents have not even received compensation for the items they lost many years ago, despite assurance.