In the wake of the pandemic, where people are preferring to work from home or have a small meeting setup, The Statesman has launched, Statesman Chambers– a hybrid meeting setup– in the heart of New Delhi, Connaught Place.

The infrastructure  and concept of Statesman Chambers fulfills the current demand of corporates  and businessmenn amid Covid 19 situation, the property equips all the needed latest equipment and IT aids to assist Hybrid meeting setup.

A hybrid meeting is a mix of online and physical meeting setup, where limited people can join the meeting at one place, in one of the meeting room setup and rest can join from their own stationed locations.

Everyone in New Delhi is aware about the famous historical iconic building ‘Statesman House’ at Barakhamba Road in Connaught Place This state-of-the-art centre facilitates private elevators, conference facilities, Parking, stenographer services, wheelchair assistance, and much more and is located in the same building at its floor. The location is prime and central, as CP is known as financial business hub of India.

Whether it is for a formal meeting, arbitration, conference or a small corporate event, inviting your business partners through the front door of the Statesman House Building, in the heart of Connaught place and asking them to attend something with a difference creates another level of impression in the minds of the guests. 

Statesman Chamber: Chamber 2 with ample sunlight and city view of Connaught Place outer circle.

Confidentiality is the key

Statesman Chambers’ Conference room is centrally air-conditioned and soundproof. It is designed to keep confidential conversations and discussions behind closed doors, the conference room is perfect for discussing sensitive topics, arguments, ideas, any business information, and conclusion.

Accessible Location

What could be a better place than to have a productive meeting in the heart of the capital city, Connaught Place? An easily accessible location to invite your business partners or delegates. The venue is in close proximity to all the Delhi Courts, VIP institutes, and five-star hotels. Statesman Chamber is just half an hour away from Indira Gandhi Airport.

Top-notch Technology to keep you connected

As the world is changing and people are working remotely, it has become all the more important for co-workers or business partners or clients to meet at one place from time to time. This is why it is important to have conference rooms, well-equipped with up-to-date technology and necessary tools. Conference room at Statesman Chambers offers everything that is required for a successful event. From all-in-one conference facilities to large TV screens. From luxurious seating and professional ambiance to tea/coffee and working meal facility. People can easily enjoy face-to-face interactions for quality discussion between onsite and remote clients or employees.

Classy Interiors to make a great impression

Statesman Chambers conference room is well designed with state-of-the-art furniture and equipment that instantly impresses and conveys to visitors your business/organisation persona, success, and your eye for the details. The wooden furnishing and minimalistic interiors brings the old world charm, also the executive leather chairs add more add value to your event.

Catering and refreshments

For catering and refreshments during any event, Statesman Chambers can provide a diverse range of menus to ensure every detail of the meeting runs just as their client wants. Their menus are expertly crafted and creatively presented, whether one wants a business breakfast, a working lunch or buffet.