Delhi government on Tuesday warned that 125 Covid vaccination centres in the national capital are on the verge of shutdown as the state has run out of Covaxin stock while only a few days of Covishield stock is left in the national capital.

AAP MLA Atishi informed that Delhi has run out of its Covaxin stock for people in the 18-44 age group and the government will be forced to shut down as many as 125 vaccination centres if fresh supply is not received.

“For Covishield, only 3 days’ stock is left for those between 18-45 years. For healthcare/frontline workers and those above 45 years, only 5 days stock left of Covaxin, and 4 days of Covishield,” she added.

However, Atishi also informed that 2,67,690 doses of Covishield will be supplied to Delhi by the Centre by Tuesday evening. “If these are delivered to us, we will be able to inoculate those between 18-45 for the next six days,” she added.

Flagging the shortage of vaccines in the city, she said the national capital will have to halt the vaccination drive if the jabs are not made readily available.

The AAP leader said that the turnout for vaccination at the centres is increasing daily while the scarcity of vaccines may discourage the building eagerness among the population to get the jab.

She also shared that on May 10, a total of 1,39,261 doses were administered, the highest daily figure to date in Delhi.

“The only way to fight this virus is to get vaccinated. Hence, the Delhi government demands the Centre that since Delhi has faced the most hardships because of this virus, the stock for Covaxin and Covishield should be made readily available in sufficient quantities for the people of Delhi. If not, we will not have any choice but to halt the vaccination programme, she said.