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Congress pursues vendetta politics, not BJP: Jai Ram Thakur

Statesman News Service | Delhi |

Responding to the allegations of playing vendetta politics, Himachal Pradesh (HP) Chief Minister (CM) Jai Ram Thakur said it was the Congress party which believes in vendetta politics and announced to withdraw cases filed against its leaders during previous regime.

While addressing a public meeting at Nadaun constituency of Hamirpur district, Thakur said he pity Congress leader for his statements in media for seeking accountability from the government for 44 days rule. “If we reverse the same question to the Congress which ruled the country for over 50 years they won’t be able to give the satisfactory reply,” he said.

During the last 50 years of the rule of the Congress, it completely ignored the interests of the people of the country and played divisive politics of caste, region and religion.

As far as HP was concerned, the last five years of the Congress regime was seen limping on crutches and its leaders were involved in vendetta politics.

“Their leaders during the last five years were seen more in courts defending themselves rather than devoting time for development and welfare of the people. Further, the government was being run by tired and retired and not the CM, who was kept in abeyance regarding the political developments,” he said.

And now the Congress was blaming the present government for giving extension to a few. “I want to make it clear to them that our government gave extension to Patwaris so that the people doesn’t face any problems in making essential revenue papers and certificates,” CM said, adding the extensions