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4-yr-old rescued by Army from borewell after 35-hour operation

SNS | New Delhi |

A four-year-old boy, who had fallen into a 150-feet deep borewell, was rescued by Army on Sunday night in Umaria village in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district. The rescue operation lasted for over 35 hours.

The boy, Roshan, fell into an uncovered borewell while playing in a field in the village around 11 am on Saturday.

The Army was called in for the rescue operation as Roshan was stuck 30 feet below the surface.

He was given fluids through a pipe and oxygen was pumped into the borewell, the SP said, adding that throughout the operation, his parents kept talking to Roshan and he responded.

The rescuers earlier planned to pull him out by digging a parallel trench and then connecting it with the borewell through a tunnel, the SP said.

The trench was dug, but soon they realised that the rescue in this way will take much long, which could be fatal for the boy.

Then, changing the strategy, a rope with a noose was dropped into the borewell, and the boy was asked to tighten the noose arond his arm so that he could be pulled out.

The boy, showing remarkable composure, followed the instructions and was then pulled out successfully, the SP said.

He was fine and taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up, Singh added.

The efforts of the administration and Army were lauded by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, while Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman highlighted the rescue operations efforts of the Army.

(with agency inputs)