An information and communications technology (ICT) delegation from Taiwan concluded a four-day visit to India on Friday, where it met with relevant local agencies and businesses to begin bilateral cooperation on 5G technology development.

The delegation, composed of officials from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Institute for Information Industry (III) and Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards, told a CNA reporter that India and Taiwan are looking to join forces to work on 5G standards and technology development.

While both countries are lagging behind in 5G development, Taiwan is strong in hardware and India has much software talent, key assets they are seeking to combine to upgrade their respective ICT industries, officials from the delegation said.

During the visit which started on Tuesday, Taiwan’s delegation met with India’s Telecommunications Standards Development Society, with whom the delegation is cooperating on the development of standards for technologies in 5G mobile telecom networks.

The delegation also met with the Cellular Operators’ Association of India, which revealed that 5G technology is expected to reach the Indian market in 2020. The two will remain in touch in the hope of cooperating on 5G applications and testing.

On the academic and research front, the delegation visited the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, where they discussed the possibility of an internship program for Indian students at ITRI and III.