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Sharda University, Oncocur India join hands to conduct research on prevention of oral cancer

Sharda University and Oncocur India to conduct research on Brecan Plus, a nano-curcumin supplement hypothesised to play a crucial role in prevention of progression of lesions to oral cancer.

SNS | New Delhi |

The School of Dental Sciences at Sharda University and Pune-based nutri-pharmaceutical company Oncocur India Pvt. Ltd.  signed a memorandum for a new research on Brecan Plus, a supplement to cure oral cancer.

Brecan Plus is a nano-curcumin supplement hypothesised to play a crucial role in prevention of progression of lesions that lead to oral cancer.

As part of the research, the medical solution will be clinically tried on patients with lesions. The university has received a grant of Rs 6,00,000 from Oncocur India Pvt. Ltd. for the researches and trials on three potentially-cancerous lesions, and one non-cancerous debilitating lesion of the mouth.

Speaking on the collaboration, Dr Deepak Bhargava, Professor and Head, Department of Oral Pathology, Sharda University, said, “The research will aid better, faster and effective cancer and pre-cancer diagnosis, care and management. As part of the studies conducted by the department on oral pre-cancer, the research and the grant is a great step towards delivering cutting edge treatment to curb cancer in the preliminary stages.”

He added: “The research aims to aid chemoprevention of the lesions over multiple patients in various formats and levels of evidence. The lesions covered within the scope of the research include- Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis (Limitation in mouth opening), Lichen Planus (Stress induced white patches in the mouth), Leukoplakia (Tobacco induced white patches in the mouth) and Recurrent Apthous Ulcers (Ulcers that are persistent despite treatment).”

Dr Vijay Kanuru, Founder CEO, Oncocur India Pvt Ltd, said, “The current treatment for these lesions consists of medications that have serious known side effects, whereas the proposed treatment uses the isolated principle-active component (Nano-Curcumin) derived out of turmeric to resolve the lesions without any side effects at the preliminary stages.”