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Add a festive touch to your house this Pongal

Lohri/Pongal is celebrated to mark the end of the sowing season of Rabi crop, which now can be harvested.

SNS | New Delhi |

The New Year celebrations might just be over, but the month of January has a lot to offer in terms of festivities. While people in northern India celebrate Lohri, South Indians observe Pongal. Lohri/Pongal is celebrated to mark the end of the sowing season of Rabi crop, which now can be harvested. And, with new trends coming up every single day, you must be looking for ways to add some festive vibes to your house.

To give you a helping hand, Akshay Jaipuria, Partner, Vaya Home and Sameer, AM, Founder & CEO Bonito Designs give few interesting décor ideas that will give your home a much-needed makeover.

1. Choose vibrant colours: Indian festivals are all about bright colours. Yellow, orange and fuchsia pink are some of the best picks for this festive season. But, instead of randomly throwing in colours, you can decide a colour theme. If you don’t have time to buy new décor items, you can just replace the regular curtains and cushion covers with bright coloured ones for a sense of vibrancy.

2. Use traditional motifs on your walls: While painting your walls during the festivals seem like a good idea, it does require a lot of money and efforts. Rather, you can opt for wallpapers and wall decals with traditional motifs that are relatively cheaper. However, make sure that you are not going overboard with the whole idea.

3. Make unique rangolis: Rangolis are an indispensable part of any Indian festival. This year, break away from monotonous, over-used rangolis patterns and try something new and intricate. You can browse through Pinterest and Instagram for inspirations. However, it’s advisable to use organic colours for the rangolis.

4. Pick DIY décor items: Easy on the pocket, DIY décor items have caught the attention of many modern interior designers. From thread lanterns to wall hangings, you can get a wide array of ideas from tutorials available online. The best part about DIY décor items is that you can get an opportunity to show off your creative side to your friends and family.

5. Create a green space inside your house: Strategic placement of indoor plants can liven up your house like nothing else. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, you can find various plants in different shapes and size. The Snake Plant, for example, can be kept beside the sofa for a sophisticated yet modern look. Peace Lily, English Ivy, Red-edged Dracaena can also be the perfect addition to the contemporary interior of your house.

6. Place an uruli near the doorstep: Family get-togethers are a must during festivals. Uruli, which is a traditional South Indian cookware, has been used as a décor item for years now. Fill it with water, flowers and a few drops of essential oils. You can keep the uruli near the doorstep or on the top a table in your living room. This will create a beautiful aroma around your surroundings.

7. Create the right ambience: Don’t forget to focus on creating the right ambience at your home amidst the festivities. Try to spray room fresheners once every two hours when guests come over. Alternatively, you can use scented organic candles to bring in a mystic charm. On top of that, you can play Hindustani instrumental music or classical raga for capturing the true essence of Indian festivals.