The National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, will organise Pragyan 2019, the annual technology festival, will be organised from March 14 to 17. Pragyan 2019 will have 30 events complemented by workshops spread out over seven clusters.

The workshops will be conducted by leading organisations such as Anvira Education, National Instruments, Autodesk, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Microsoft, HTRI, The Data Mind Centre, Cadence supported by Entuple Technologies, KPMG, HP, Ansys, Jetbrains and IB- Hubs.

Some of the names that will be a part of the occasion are Dr Frederick J Raab, LIGO Associate Director of Observatory Operations, Dr. P G Diwakar, Deputy Director, RSAA, NRSC, Surathkal, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, a renowned economist and the Deputy Chairman of the erstwhile Planning Commission of India, Dr. Crystal Dilworth, a polymath – a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Caltech, Dr. Alwyn Didar Singh a former Indian civil servant and internationally famed strategic expert in e-Commerce, Trade and Migration and Dr. Spyridon “Spiros” Michalakis, a quantum physicist and staff researcher at CalTech.

Crossfire, a panel discussion, will debate on the topic “Do we have the right to free speech or just compliant speech?”

Pragyan 2019 will play host to a set of interesting exhibitions such as Slow Dance Frame and Pepperbot — an android capable of reading human emotions. It will consist of entertainment with shows by famed feet puppeteer Anne Klinge, light artist Ramod Malaka, Hoop dancer Yanika Beliza and bubbleologist Maxwell.

Pragyan 2019 has also partnered with Human Library and there will be an array of 13 books to choose from.

“Pragyan, NIT Trichy over the years has served as a thriving platform for the expression of science, technology and managerial ventures with sheer brilliance and creativity from the youth populace. Pragyan 2019 is on its path to guide it through the prism of enriching experiences with the theme ‘Spectrum’,” the organisers said in a statement.