Google is known for commentating important events and personalities using innovative doodles and this time, Google is celebrating the birthday of renowned German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach with its first ever Al-powered doodle.

Explaining its doodle, Google wrote, “Made in partnership with the Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams, the Doodle is an interactive experience encouraging players to compose a two measure melody of their choice.”

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany in a family of distinguished musicians. His parents died when he was 10 and he was looked after by his elder brother, Johann Christoph Bach, also a musician. It was here that he received his music teaching and was exposed to all great composers of that time. Throughout his life, Bach took on several roles including becoming the leader of court orchestra for the Duke of Sachsen-Weimar and Kantor of the Thomas School in Leipzig.

Bach composed music at a great speed, sometimes one cantata every week, although in his life, Bach saw only some of his works published. He was mainly known as a organist until 19th century that witnessed a new appreciation of his music.

In 1802, Johann Nikolaus Forke, a German writer, published a study of Bach’s life and art. Publishing of a number of works followed and, by 1900, all of his known works were published and this era is famously known as the “Bach revival.”

Bach died on July 28, 1750 probably after complications in his eye surgery. Now considered by many as the greatest composer of all times, Bach has a huge impact on other artists, “ranging from classical to contemporary over the centuries.”